Next Week!!!! Thursday!!!!

Okay, so I said I would post it, though at this point we may want to consider a new thread for updates to this. :D Feel free to add your thoughts on a new thread as well.

Anyway, in the interest of encouraging and hopefully facilitating more DayKnights for being able to join the weekly hangouts, we are moving the weekly hangout to Thursday starting next week. So far, the time isn't changing, so Thursday, December 12, 7:30pm PST.

Also, while we don't really have agendas for these things, we have a request to continue our wonderful discussion of video games as art when we reconvene, preferably at a time when Kagedtiger isn't too tired to think! Oh! And if anybody comes across good articles or other cool things they want to share ahead of time, feel free to add that stuff as well!