Poetry Contest: Ode to Open Beta

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Open Beta Has Arrived

We have all waited so very long for the Open Beta of Hearthstone to finally commence, and now it is upon (most) of us! To commemorate this glorious occasion, we are running a poetry contest. Dust off your notebooks, grab your pens, pencils, crayons, or whatever other writing implement of choice (computer?) suits your mood, and compose some loving verse in honor of Hearthstone.


Ah, the rules. What is a contest without rules? 

  • Compose an original poem whose content relates to Hearthstone in some (at least mostly obvious) manner
  • Post your poem as a response to this thread by 11:59pm PST on February 5, 2014
  • There is no form requirement (limerick, sonnet, etc.)
  • The top three favorites will be awarded some fantastic prize of unimagined proportions (see below!)
  • Be as creative as you wish!

Be sure to inquire after some point that I may have forgotten, and I will be sure to respond and adjust the rules accordingly.

Whether you've been playing the beta for months, are just now diving in now that it's open, or are still painfully waiting for the open beta to begin in your region, let your Hearthstone self shine through in verse!


Because there were four that were really awesome, those four all get prizes. What are the prizes you keep asking? All four of the favorites get a full set of Day[9]TV keycaps! Additionally, the top favorite also gets a signed Day[9]TV mousepad! Okay, so no further waiting....the winners!

Finally! The days have come

For all to heed the Hearthstone drum,

From basic decks we all shall go

With a battle cry of “Tazdingo!”

The Innkeeper begins the game

Whom we soon learn is rather tame

Compared to players in unranked,

Our newbie decks are soon outflanked.

Arena takes us one step more,

Deeper! Into the Hearthstone core!

Then, beaten to a bloody pulp,

It is back to Play mode that we sulk.

Building, crafting, collecting, drafting,

Soon enough WE will be laughing!

Until one day we start to find,

With many plays gone through our mind,

Our collections now have steadily grown

So much that they can hold their own!

Against Ragnaros, we hurl our most,

Till Deathwing lands and makes him toast,

And Leeroy Jenkins joins the game,

To be slain by Illidan’s Azzinoth Flame!

Whether Angry Chicken or Rank Number One,

Most who play Hearthstone are bound to have fun!

If you have doubts, just sit back and recline,

And enjoy learning Hearthstone with Day[9]!

The other winners are in order of submission!

Hearthstone is our favorite game

in which David does not reign.

But which Hero is best of all?

Could it be the Shaman Thrall?

The Hunter proud? The Druid old?

The Warlock making Day[9] scold?

The Mage's staff? The Warriors Fist?

No clear answer does exist.

But before Deathwing sweeps all away,

I have some final words to say.


With open beta all may thrive.

Started with one mana
      My draw all threes                     End turn

The game begins, my counter shows one

And my hand is three or four

With the luck of the draw, my turn is done

To win, I’ll have to take some more


The plays are even, back and forth

No side has the easy win

Each deck, both "streamlined for optimum worth"

Prevent us from going all-in


Hero power here and then spells played

Taunt, Charge, Death-rattle, and Battle-cry

Mana drains as fast as it’s gained

We both play until we die!


Then the game starts again, my counter shows one

And my hand is three or four

With the luck of the draw, my turn is done

To win, I’ll have to take some more… 

Thanks again for all the amazing entries! Winners, I will be emailing the address you registered for the website with, so be sure to check that inbox for details on how to get your awesome prize!