SimCity! Offline!

Okay, so I've been holding off on purchasing SimCity for myself, and let me just say that this has been quite the battle with myself. I love the Sim franchise so much, and as much fun as watching Day[9]'s SimCity Day Off was, I just had trouble justifying the purchase to myself when I am fairly adamantly opposed to the "always online" trend, especially with games like the Sim franchise. I go to these games for a chance to indulge my inner dictator, and having a global economy where people I don't know and don't necessarily like affect my own little slice of it just ruins my imaginary world.

Well, Update 10 released this morning, and it includes a single-player, offline mode. I'm still upset that they insisted on going the "always online" route in the first place, but I'm thinking that it is time that I show my support for this update by buying the game. 

Others' thoughts? Have you already purchased SimCity? When? Was it worth it to you to buy it when you did? If not, why not? Will you now? What would it take to get you to purchase it? 

Also, favorite Sim installments? First ever Sim franchise game? What would you like to see come next?