StarCraft Photoshop Contest - With Cats!

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Hello again everyone! First, I want to say thanks to all who participated in our Fastest Max!!!! Competitions. It seemed everyone really enjoyed trying to macro their ways to victory, and congratulations to all the winners from the Terran, Zerg, and Protoss competitions!

The time has come for another little bit of fun, more on the silly side of things:

StarCraft Photoshop Contest - With Cats!

We want to see the very best photoshop images you can create that combine StarCraft and Cats! Because....why not!

The Winners!

We had some amazing entries! Thank you to everyone who entered! Feel free to keep sharing awesome cat/starcraft photoshop amazingness. There should be more of this in everyone's lives!

1st Place: Dastan Abilev - Miao life - for Aiur!

2nd Place: Charlie Hewins - Kerrakitty

3rd Place: Ole Martin Volle - Badass Cat Marine & The Swarm's Secret Weapon (we couldn't decide which was better)

The Rules

  • This must be an original image - don't just find a cool photoshop image, create something new and awesome
  • Must combine something StarCraft with some image of a cat.
  • Please post your submission in the comments, in a spoiler. Help us out and post the image itself, and not just a link to it!
  • Post as many submissions as you like, but only 1 entry per person will be considered for a prize!
  • Deadline: Post your submissions by 9am PDT on July 10, 2013!



There's not contest without prizes! We'll give prizes to our Top 3 favorites!

Top Favorite: Your choice of T-Shirt: I <3 SC (Sizes L, XL, XXL) or Terran Marine (Sizes S, and M)

Rest of Top 3: StarCraft II Puzzle in a metal canister!


To be announced!

Entries - In Order of Submission