What are your goals for 2014?

Happy New Year!!!!

I know, I know, at the start of every year, everyone is talking about New Year's resolutions and whatnot, but how often do New Year's resolutions pan out? That is why I didn't use the tired, worn out term. Instead, I'm definitely interested in seeing what people's goals are for the year. Maybe you have a long-term goal and there's an intermediate step you intend to accomplish this year?

  • Perhaps you want to finally beat that one game you never have.
  • Perhaps you are determined to finally make GM in HotS.
  • Perhaps (like me) you have a novel/short story/song/painting you've been swearing you'll finish.
  • Perhaps you are looking forward to starting (or returning to) college this fall, and there's that one organization or event that you want to be involved in.

Whatever you have planned for this year, share with your fellow DayKnights and commit to accomplishing your goals! Let us know you are determined to accomplish in the next 12 months, and be sure to keep us updated on your progress. If you get stuck, check back here and let us know. Surely a fellow DayKnight can help out!

I'll start off my posting my personal goals for 2014 below!

GLHF to us all!