Haven: Titan Command, 2 player card game on Kickstarter

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Hey there!

We have been developing our game for 18 months and launched on Kickstarter yesterday.


Haven: Titan Command is a physical two player card game set in a fictional galaxy with four warring factions.

The Game

Each player represents a pilot in control of a Titan, and the cards within each deck are such things as equipment, which is armed into the play zone, and can be as diverse as guns, shields or scanners, field skill cards are external influences, like meteor showers and allied air strikes, manoeuvre cards are played to signify dodging and immediate effects and location cards set the duel each round in a unique battlefield.

We have developed and tested our mechanics to closely mirror a real duel, and so have a dynamic turn/action sequence akin to role-playing games like DnD instead of traditional card games.

Each equipment can have up to two commands that can be activated once armed into your play zone (which represents the Titan) and these fall into 4 command types, Primary, Secondary, Free and Passive. On your turn a player is able to complete one Primary, one Secondary and as many Free as they can before passing the turn to their opponents to do the same. By activating commands on equipment you can deal and defend damage, as well as manoeuvre for instant benefits or call down field skills to alter the momentum of the battle. 

The resource of fuel is gained using equipment called Cores, which are armed like any other equipment into your Titan, they have many various ways to generate fuel, and do so in bulk, you then spend the fuel to activate the commands as you see fit.

We have found that at the end of the duel you have a winner and loser, but also a story to tell, we have created some really funny scenarios which we can retell, something we miss from social card games.

I hope this is the right place to post this, we welcome any feedback and suggestions, thanks for looking.