[New player] Some Protoss questions

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Hello guys.

I'm a huge noob when it comes to SC2 - I only bought it last week - and I have a couple of questions about things I've encountered. Oh also, I play Protoss

1. I'm losing a lot of my games against early Marine-Marauder rushes. I usually have a couple of units to hold the initial wave at the ramp - couple of forcefields usually buy me some time, but while I'm frantically defending, he's endless stream of Marines and Marauders just keeps coming and eventually I can't put any more forcefields down and it's GG... How do you properly counter against these early rushes? Also, if he has Medivacs and drops into my base it's even faster GG

2. I'm also having really tough time dealing with early zerg pushes. I tried the "FFE" but I usually just screw it up (since the position of each building varies depending on the map)  and end up overrun anyhow. So I'm basically looking for some tips to easily identify when an early rush is coming and how I should deal with that...

3. When scouting enemy base, what should I look for apart from "early gas"? I'm having bit of an issue telling what an enemy is trying to pull off (unless I'm playing a fellow Protoss) and usually end up making the wrong choice.

4. What are the important timings I should be looking out for/trying to hit?

5. How many gateways should I have in my main before expanding to my natural? 

Thanks for reading guys, I'm loving the game and Day9's videos are also very helpful!

Edit: I can get some replays of me sucking a bit later if that'll help you guys in telling me what I'm failing at

Also forgot to add, I don't have a specific "build". I usually build a zealot, stalker and a sentry and then go on and build colossi + more stalkers unless I'm against air. If the game goes to around 20 min mark, I usually end up with enough voidrays & tempests to attack move enemy base...

Ok guys, here's a replay of a game I just played. I desperately tried to counter his vikings but failed miserably... If you've the time, please do watch the replay and tell me how I can improve.


Edit #165423:

Ok I actually qualified for Silver league somehow (EU) and I managed to win 2 games using the 4 gate cheese fest tactics... Feels really cheap though...