Try my Dragon Hunter deck

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ok so i just opened a pack from wotog and got a deathwing dragon lord so i decided to make an all out dragon hunter deck and it has worked/ is working really well for me thus far...

ok heres the deck list

X2 Arcane Shot

x2 hunters mark

x2 explosive trap

x2 quick shot

x2 faerie dragon

x2 kings elekk

x1 animal companion

x1 kill command

x2 blackwing technician

x2 twilight gaurdian

x2 azure drake

x2 blackwing corrupto

x1 savannah highmane

Rend Blackhand

x1 call of the wild



Malygos( oh baby so good)


Deathwing Dragon lord


i would have Ysera in there to replace the kill command but sadly i dont have her yet


any suggestions would be greatly appreciated but its such a joy to play