I am sick and tired of people trying to cheese out of bronze.

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Hi, I'm a bronze protoss player and I wanted to talk about something that PISSES ME THE HELL OFF. though protoss, I have made a promise to myself not to cheese in ranked; mostly just because normal strategy is more fun and helps me improve. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against cheesers but it's as if 8/10 OF THE PROTOSS PLAYERS IN BRONZE CANNON RUSH YOUR ASS. Really my fellow bronze players? I mean, I get that you want out of bronze but is cheesing your way out really the most fun or productive way to do it. Usually when I do lose to cheese, I hold back the rage to deny the the satisfaction of cheese, but after 3 cheese players in a row playing ranked. I'm getting real sick of the shit. Now is anybody (especially fellow noobs) sick of cheese in ranked or am I just a douche for denouncing a completely relevant play style in today's meta?

*By cheese, I'm talking cannon rush and proxy bunker mostly. but do tell if any other cheese infuriates you. 

UPDATE: Why are some of the coolest units really cheesy and annoying to play against? Like DT is cool as hell but I don't like using them especially early game when I know it's gonna be cheese as hell. Cant they just make it so DT is like widow mines and is not cloaked but can do major dmg to 1 unit?