[G] The Triple Barrel Bust - Zerg vs Terran

Hello everyone at Day9TV Strategy!

My name is Tim Clark, aka TangSC, and I'm excited to make my first post on this forum.  Over the past three years, I've had the pleasure of writing strategy articles for Team Liquid, Quantic, Dignatas, and GLHF Magazine.  Today I'd like to share with you one of my more recent guides for Zerg versus Terran.

I hope that I am not out of line in posting a link to the complete guide on Team Liquid, as it would take hours to reformat the content to be presentable for you fine folks.  I will take a moment to talk about the hyper-aggressive style that has become a crucial part of my own ZvT matches, but if you're looking for a more in-depth look at the build order, benchmarks, or execution, be sure check out the full guide and tutorials on Team Liquid.

The goal of the Triple Barrel Bust guide is to provide a reference for Zerg players who want to ramp up their aggression - and win rate - using three sequenced timing attacks.  This was a style originally developed in WoL and revamped for HotS.  With a wide range of viable timing attacks in HotS, there are endless possibilities for a Triple Barrel Bust; but the three attacks that I recommend in the guide are:

  1. The First Barrel (5:30-6:00) - 14 Speedlings

  2. The Second Barrel (10:30-11:30*) - 1-2 Overseers, 20 Speed Roaches, 20 Speed Banelings, 20 Speed Zerglings with +1/+1 Upgrades (*Exact count/time may vary)

  3. The Final Barrel (17:30-18:30*) - 2 Overseers, 5 Ultralisks, 60 Banelings, 60 Cracklings with +3/+3 Upgrades (*Exact count/time may vary)

For those of you who would like to skip the guide and jump right into some hands-on practice, you can find the build order below.  

Thank you for reading and GLHF- TangSC

Click Here to view the Tutorial: Triple Barrel Bust Overview

16Queen (Inject/transfer to expansion when she finishes)
18 Zergling Speed (At 100 gas, remove Drones from Geyser)
18-21 Lings
21Queen (Stays in main)
23-26Drones until first inject
26-30Lings (First inject is Zerglings)

The First Barrel (5:30-6:00) - 14 Speedlings

30Queen (at natural for creep)
32-44Drones (Around 36 Supply, start your 2nd Gas and use your inject-larva to fill the new gas and the gas in main)
44-54 Drones
54 Evo Chamberx2 (6:30~, you should have roughly 100-150 gas and be mining off 2 geysers)
Drones to 56
56 Double Gas
Drone to 60 (Aim for 44+ Drones to fill all four gases with16 Drones per Mineral Field).
60 Upgrade +1 Carapace/+1 Melee
60 Lair, Roach Warren, Baneling Nest (All this should happen around 8:00).
58 - At 58 Supply, you should have fully-saturated 2 bases with all the gas, with at least one extra drone at your natural expansion. This extra Drone can be used to start your third base at the time that you see fit (Before, during, or after the second barrel). The timing of your third is really a stylistic preference - getting it earlier delays your bust slightly but is more economical; getting it later is less economical but lets you hit the earliest and strongest timing.
58 Overlords x5
58-100 21 Roaches (Push out as soon as all Roaches complete)
100 Overlord x2
100-116 Speedlings
Morph in 20+ Banelings across the field and bust.

The Second Barrel (10:30-11:30) - 2 Overseers, 21 Speed Roaches, 20 Speed Banelings, 20 Speed Zerglings with +1/+1 Upgrades (Exact count/time may vary)

Note: Supply becomes very tentative / situational for remainder of this build order, so I will just list the important steps. More details will be given in the "Benchmarks" section.

Start a third base (could be started as early as 8:00 or as late as 11:00).

Start 2-2 Upgrades and then an Infestation Pit. Infestors and/or Spire are optional. Some players like having 12~ Mutalisks with constantly upgraded air attack to 1) help shut down drops and 2) transition into Broodlords later. Some players like to get mid-game Infestors to use Fungal Growth. Both tech options can be useful, but will delay Ultralisk tech. For this reason, I prefer skip them both and relying on Zerglings/Banelings/Static Defence to shut down drops, then later mix in a few Infestors to fungal for cost-efficient late-game engagements. Choose the approach that appeals to you.

Regardless of your stylistic preference, you should aim to fully-saturate your third base, with the gases (66+ Drones). Once you've reached full three-base saturation, you should take a fourth and produce nothing but Speedlings (with some Banelings in case you're pressured). You can produce a macro hatch if your injects/larva production slips.

Start your Hive (roughly 13:00-14:00~)

This is the period of the game where you're most spread out, so Terran can push and drop you. Plant static defense as necessary (but do not let this cut into your 3-base saturation!), and make sure you're frequently spending your Larva on Zerglings, periodically adding some Banelings. Map vision is also essential (Overlords, Xel-Naga, Spotting Ling).

You must have some static defenses at your main and 3rd, and eventually at your fourth. My usual preference is 2 spine/2spore at the main, third, and fourth. Try creeping to your fourth and breaking any impeding rocks to help you defend, and don't be afraid to split your army up at different locations to deal with multi-pronged aggression.

Produce some Drones for your 4th (aim for about 75-80 Workers on 4 bases) and get your 7th/8th gases ASAP. Defend your 4th with static defenses (and get some in the main if you haven't yet).

When Hive finishes, start Adrenal Glands, Ultralisk Cavern (upgrade Chitinous Plating), 3-3 Upgrades. Produce Ultralisks/Speedlings/Banelings (optional Infestors or Mutalisks).

The Final Barrel (17:30-18:30) - 2 Overseers, 5 Ultralisks, 60 Banelings, 60 Cracklings with +3/+3 Upgrades (Exact count/time may vary)If the game continues, try to deny the Terran fourth while holding onto yours. You can also take a 5th. It is possible to mix in Vipers or Broodlords in the very-late stages. Be creative and create your own fourth barrel :D