Slaughterfest II, 64 Man Bron to Plat SC2 Tourny with a $50 Prize Pool

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Hey all!

As a long going fan of Day[9] and all he's done for us lower leagues, I thought you all would be interested in this sequel tournament I'm having. Sister TL thread.

EDIT: Here's the details!

The Breakdown
Video Breakdown, Click me!

Date, Time & Allowed Participants
Saturday, Feb 09 2:00pm AST (GMT-04:00)
NA Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

Well what can I win this time?
Only 50 bucks this time as well, we've received some flack last year for the much larger prize pool so we made it a lot less. First gets 30, second gets 15, third gets 5. Paypal required to receive the prize so don't bother signing up if you cannot meet that requirement.

What's the tournament structure?

  • Wings of Liberty
  • Single Elimination
  • Max 64 Players
  • Semi's and Third place game BO3, Final BO5, The rest BO1
  • No losers bracket


  • WCS Antiga Shipyard
  • MLG Ohana LE
  • MLG Entombed Valley
  • WCS Cloud Kingdom LE
  • MLG Shakuras Plateau
  • WCS Daybreak LE
  • GSL Abyssal City
  • GSL Metropolis
We'll rotate in that order, first games Antiga, second games Ohana, and so on. Semi's and on will be loser's choice from the pool, with the first game being the next map in order. Of course if the specific map cannot be found from above simply use another tournament variant.

Will it be streamed?
Of course! The main stream will be here, with a possible second stream. More will be announced on that closer to the date.

How do I sign up?

Head over to here, however an invite pass and account is needed so contact me here, comment here or my YouTubechannel, on z33k, or just a message to my YouTube inbox. This is to assure that there is no funny business and that all the players have read this thread at the very least. Be sure to tell me your account name, character code, league, and race. You have until Friday, Feb 08 5:00pm EST (GMT-04:00) to sign up!

How do we check in on the day?

30 mins before you play hop into the channel "Teedly" and we'll be making sure that everyone is ready to play. Of course also check in on the z33k provided tournament page.

Okay I think I get the idea, what are the overall rules?

  1. Matches - We'll be managing the matches as best we can and will allow other matches to continue if your opponent is ready. We can't sit in on every game as we'll be casting a random set until the semi's, final, and third place game as each of those games will be casted and will have to wait for each other to conclude to proceed.
  2. Observers - Unfortuantly we won't be allowing them on the games we cast, but for the other games we'll allow it and it'll be needed to be run past us beforehand. This is solely to make sure our connection does no interfere with gameplay and of course to stop cheating and shenanigans to happen.
  3. Replays - Save them! If something goes wrong with z33k and If something happens and there is no replay you're really out of luck. This is to ensure that the tournament rulings are just and fair. Also if you played awesome we may want to use it for a video.
  4. Race - Stick to one don't be switching per game.
  5. Disconnects - If you DC before the 4 minute mark and haven't had contact with each other it'll be replayed. Otherwise the player that disconnected forfeits.
  6. Manner & Chatting - Chatting is allowed, I want people to have a good time. Therefore keep the BM out of it and anything racial or hateful, etc. we'll pull you out of the tournament.
  7. Cheating, Hacking, etc. - You'll be pulled out of the tourny... plain and simple. We solely hold the decision that qualifies for that. Players are allowed to stream if it isn't a casted game and any hint of stream sniping (with proof) will also not be tolerated.
  8. Stalemates - This is an eliminated tournament so I'll be replayed.

What else do I need to know?
Any questions send me a message through YouTube or teedly10 AT and I'll reply within 12 or so hours.

What about people using smurf accounts?

This is why we are using z33k so we can control the entries somewhat since last year this was a HUGE topic. If you believe it's a smurf save your replay and send it to us if you think the person is using a smurf account. We'll review and make a ruling, however if you abuse this we'll have to do something with you (basically don't send us multiple replays, or the same match over and over again).


Let me know what you guys think here or on the TL thread, and if mods feel that this is in the wrong section feel free to move or lock, or whatever you feel appropriate.