WotOG Shadowthief Priest! Having a lot of fun with this one!

Hello! I made this deck right after WotOG came out, had a lot of fun with it (still enjoy playing it quite a bit)

It is a very heavy control deck can struggle a bit against agro if you dont draw your removal tools, but thats comom for priest control decks. Against C'Thun decks and other controls usually it fares pretty well and for midrange it all depends on how well the oponent will curve.

Im not a pro player, as I say in the deck description, I only play for fun and love to play control, usually I stay on the lower ranks cause I never really cared for going all in for legend or the higher ranks, I play for fun and thats it. If I do well with the decks that I enjoy awesome if I dont.. .oh well there is always next season.

Anyway here is the deck list I would absolutely love some feedback and some suggestions to improve it. Thank you very much for your attention. =D

Temujim's Shadowthief Priest