Hunter Death Rattle Party!

Hey everyone! It's me again. First, let me say I love GvG: the new set has made the game infinitely more fun to play again. I also love some of the new deathrattle cards they added including (but not limited to ;) ) feign death from Hunter. I decided to try my hand at making a fun deathrattle hunter utilizing feign death and some really high value deathrattle cards. I made this deck for funsies, so it's not meant to compete with actual  netdeck-worthy lists. That being said, I did stop off at rank 14 before I decided to call it a night...

The combos are too numerous to name them all (well...okay no, they aren't, but I'm lazy :P), but my top three would be:

1. Cairne+feign death (especially if you are about to trade him into something).

2. Sylvanus, Baron Rivendare+feign death.

    and finally...

3. T7 - Doctor Boom, T8 - Baron Rivendare+2 feign deaths.

Basically, it's an aggro hunter with sticky minions, followed up by fun combos and finishers. Pasted below is a link to the deck, feel free to give it a whirl or offer any advice!

Game on, friends!