How did you discover Day[9]?

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Sort of a weird thought I had the other day. Sean has really impacted my life and the way I view the world around me in such a profound way. And it made me wonder, how did you guys come to find him and what was your early experience like?


For me personally, I was playing the SC2 beta, like super early on in the WoL beta,and I was a pretty awful BW player but I was determined to get better. So I was looking up things on youtube after reading through liquipedia. I came across Husky because he was exploding at the time, and someone in the comments suggested I check out Psy Starcraft. And as I watched his videos, I was starting to catch on to a few things, and someone else mentioned that this guy named Day9 did really analytical discussions with in depth strategy, and was able to articulate it very very well. 


a few searches later, and here I was. Watching a rerun of striderdoom on Guess what daily was playing and replaying? #100. Yeah, that's the first show of his I ever saw. I was hooked. The passion he spoke with and the story he told just hit home so hard with me. (I may cry everytime I watch it xD). This guy was like my dream caster sent from the heavens to teach me how to be a better gamer (And a better person it turns out =p). So many great experiences, all stemmed from a little chain of events. I still remember the first funday monday, oh man that was such fun, I just about died of laughter. <3


Fast forward years later, here I am. I don't get to watch nearly as often as I'd like, but I try to catch up on all the archives. To think all this change in my life came from a desire to get better at Starcraft. One of my favorite weekly events was grabbing my best friend and watching Funday monday together. He doesnt even play anymore, but we both always had a balst.


So huge thanks to Sean for doing everything he does. =D

So what's your story?