Idea for a video series

First off. Merry Christmas Day Knights! =D


Ok, so we all love listening to Sean talk. I think that goes without saying (Even though I just said it anyway).

And I'd say the majority of us love his advice and his general views and philosophies about life. It's what really drew me into him as a personality. I once read somewhere once that there were 2 types of confident people. The ones who push others down to feel better about themselves, and those who bring others up to make everyone feel as good as they do. And Sean exemplifies that second type of person more than anyone else I've probably ever met. Even though I haven't technically met him.


So that said, here's my idea. It's a video series. We don't need a set time on it so there's no big pressure to make it a weekly or monthly or whatever show. But people send him questions, topics, thoughts, problems they're having. And he makes a video talking about it. I don't know if any of you ever watched Hutch's series "So you're..." on youtube, but it's along the same lines. And a lot of the times there would be a lot of people asking the same questions, so he'd pick a popular topics to talk about. No games, just a man and a camera, talking to us telling us his thoughts on something. I've ALWAYS loved Day9's real life talks, it's really evolved the way I think about a lot of things. And with how excited everyone gets when the prospect of a Q&A or AMA comes up, I think it would be incredible. And from what I've gathered, Sean has had some really great influences in his life to draw from. So I think he'd have great insight on a variety of things. Some of which he's already talked about in previous videos.


I don't know if that's something he'd be willing to make time for. Or that he even could, I know how full he likes to keep his plate =p. But maybe that's what makes him the perfect candidate for a thing like this.