Streaming and you, Day[9]'s wealth of knowledge

First off, sorry if this has been posted before. But I just watched this video and it sparked the thought again <-Said video (It's a good video btw)


So I've been thinking about getting into streaming for a while now, and have been in this giant information gathering stage until I can reasonably afford all the equipment I want to get. I finally got the computer recently, but I still have to pick up a few more things. But anyway, off topic sort of.


In that video, Sean mentions that he went through all the tech changes and growing pains of becoming a streamer and is probably one of the best people to ask about how to be successful in that avenue. My question was, has he ever listed out those things in a sort of guided article for people to easily access? I know I've been around when he's been asked on occasion. That advice alone would probably bring some success in itself. 

Sometimes I'm too thorough in my searches and it hurts more than it helps =p. I think one of his biggest points of advice was to "Just do it". But I'm too curious a person, I have to devour all the information I can find on subjects that interest me.