I get what you're saying

Your post was about how you are frustrated with the meta playing your favorite class post-nerf and that you would now rather watch than play. My point is that you have to adapt. Randomness and aggressiveness isn't really the issue. But if your problem is with feeling "robbed" by RNG and you long for skill-based gaming then there are options, Prismata being the up-and-comer in that regard.

I am one of many who hates Hunter. I've always hated Hunter. I hate how easy it is to play, how I could always seem to ladder with relative ease with little effort. But Hunter isn't really broken (nor Warlock) while Miracle Rogue was.

Here is the point: aggressive decks can be countered with careful deck construction and the introduction of new cards (Annoy-o-tron, Scarlet Purifier, Antique Healbot, etc) which overall is a better way to deal with imbalances. However much I despise Hunter, any class can field an aggressive deck. Some classes are better at it than others (Hunter is inherently aggressive) but it is just a strategy, and one that can be countered.

Miracle rogue aimed for a OTK by drawing their entire deck and was only viable because of two cards: Leeroy and Gadgetzan. "Draw entire deck" isn't really a strategy and isn't something an opponent can play around. It's extremely strong but ultimately broken. Blizzard can't just add cards to the game to balance that out. It had to be nerfed. Now that they've done that they do need to make the class viable again. Rogue's GvG cards aren't spectacular, but it will undoubtedly receive more love in future expansions.

With 9 heroes it's extremely hard to keep everything balanced. Even though the sheer number of options should help to some degree, one class is always going to end up being weaker or less favorable. Right now that's Rogue. The fact that the miracle Rogue nerf made the class nonviable means that the class was always broken. But fixing/balancing is a lot harder to do than nerfing one overpowered combo. It will happen, but it will take time. I don't think slamming your head against the ladder by playing Rogue was a good idea. Anyone will get frustrated doing that. But in general, I'd much rather fight for board control against zoo and hunter than watch a Rogue draw their entire deck and kill me in a single turn. The former tends to be more fun than the latter, and in the end Blizzard agreed.