Help Get to Gold!

Hello Fellow DayKnights!

I am on a quest to achieve Gold on ladder and I need a brave individual willing enough to work with me! Thanksgiving break is coming up so I will have TONS of time to practice with you and such.  It just has been a goal of mine and I was just playing some gold players today, but I keep losing.  I think I need the following help:

1. I need a solid BO for TvP.  The one that I do have is not very stable and involves a lot of micro and, to be honest, my micro is still underdevelopment.  If there is anyone out there that could suggest maybe a Youtube video or something that could help me, that would be GREAT!

2. I need to learn more mech style of play for TvT. I am a heavy bio player and right now, mech seems to be kicking so major butt (to keep it G rated for the kids at home ;)) and I wanna learn that style of play.  I love bio so if there are maybe techniques that I could learn that could help me improve, that would be great.

Some additional notes:

1. I need to learn where/when to apply my third base.  Lately, I have been focused so much on army that I have kind of neglected after two base.  I still make SCVs non stop, but it ends up being 34/3 by the time I'm done a game on my main base. If someone could help me in that aspect, that could help.

2. I need to know when to start getting upgrades.  I have been trying to get it after I put down two more racks after my natural expo. Is that good enough or no?  If not, when?

3. I need to learn when to put more racks/factories/starports/etc.  I make on average about 5-7 racks and then stop making racks after that point.  I might just need to practice over and over again what that needs to feel like, but I would be willing to try anything.

4. I am a visual learner.  Give me a replay and I will be fine.  Give me a Youtube video and I will be fine.  I can't just do one of those, "Here is a BO. Good luck."  There are a lot of principles that go into this game, down to the very placement of your buildings.  I need visual clues and evidence to help me completely understand it.

That's just a little bit of help for you guys. If you can help me, GREAT! If not, that is fine too.  Just try your best and I will try to cope with it. :P

Thanks guys!