Help Please!

Hey Guys! (Again!)

For the longest time, however, whenever I have been playing ladder on Starcraft 2, I have been Bronze. :( I've played all three races before, however this time around, as the new season is beginning, I would like to play as Zerg. This is a problem, though, for I have not played Zerg in a while. So, my first question is, What are the latest build orders that I can use that aren't too high for a Bronze/Silver player and would get me to a pretty high spot easily? I've tried some of Day[9]'s methodologies and it seems to me that I need a little more. Maybe some replays or a sheet that I can print out and physically hold in my hands so that it is in front of me at all times. If anyone needs some of my videos to see how I play (passive or aggressive), then please feel free to tell me so. My second question is How exactly does a Zerg player work again? I know some of the basics. For example, I know that you need to "drone up" and get some units out in between, but how do you TRULY play Zerg effectively and efficiently without dying every other game?

If you can help me at all, please message below. If you have any websites that I should look at to better reinforce some of these things, please direct them to my attention. If you have any of Day[9]'s amazing videos that would better explain yourself and or really help me out, please direct them to my attention as well.

Thanks you and I hope you can help me! Remember, Always Play to Have Fun!