I've been enjoying myself playing it for the last how long. I do have a couple things that I would recommend. So far it seems like you can sit in a city, safe, and then go out into the wilderness to explore the nearby area. Upon doing so, you will ALWAYS meet an enemy. Every time, so far that I've played, you beat an enemy and get a skill point. You can repeatedly go into the wilderness and pump all points you get into damage (as archer anyway). You will always one hit enemies meaning more skill points to one hit more enemies meaning more skill points to one hit more enemies meaning more skill points.... You get the idea. The balance really needs some working on due to this. I suggest some sort of system which A) doesn't let you encounter enemies practically every time you explore, and B) a system that levels you up a bit slower. I would be more interested in exploring if, while an archer, I climbed up into a tree for a better view, fell, and lost health points because of it. 

Some ideas for other events in the wilderness:

Fall in a river | meet a friendly out there | along the way accidentally drop/lose an item | Find berries! | Perhaps discover a location like finding a deserted house with an item inside.

Something else I noticed was the market didn't offer an explanation for what the heck a "Shard of Precision" was. I had no interest in paying so much gold for an unknown item.


When I get farther into the game I'll tell you what else I think could be improved upon.

Regardless, fun game! :>