I see to not have been clear

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My original intentions were to have it over the course of several weeks. For example, the DKTL would have a set of matches happen once per week. Instead, this could feature the gameplay as turns finish.

It could be slow but this said, leaders have up to several weeks to plan their moves in advance. All they must do is decide which player they want to attack and where, send me the info, and then that player face the opponent.


Zerg goes first, so they have some issues and can't play for the next couple days. The Leader decides what to do and the next time their challenging player is available happens to be friday. So the players meet on friday to play the matches. Immediately following the turn's end, I would update the map, standings, current unchoosable players and the Terran Leader then starts their turn, directing a player to do their move. The team is unavailable until saturday next week. So we simply arange for that saturday. so instead of cramming everything into a couple days, we have several weeks to do it, but its not like you have exactly a week. Some turns could take up to 2 weeks, others could take up to only 2 days. Keep in mind, leaders can think ahead of time what they want to do, and every player participating and not participating can simply log onto the forum and get the current information. 

No idea if the games would be casted but that would be cool.