'nnoying Nydus!

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Tuned into a game for a short while, I think it was Ragnarok vs. Dear, and watched a great strategy Ragnarok pulled out. He used the Nydus Worm to bring his army full of roaches, lings, and queens right outside his opponent's third expansion. Dear moved all units into position to fend off the attack, but when he engaged the Nydus position, Ragnarok burrowed a Nydus into Dear's main, quickly filed back into the Nydus, and brought his army into his main. This made it so Ragnarok could not only kill tons of probes AND snipe the nexus, but pulled Dear out of position repeatedly. 

Despite his brilliant play, Ragnarok made some mistakes throughout the game which led to him losing the match, but I think this is enough inspiration for a new Monday! :D

 'nnoying Nydus!

Unlike other Fundays you are not required to focus your whole attack on nydus worms, but instead should use it to quickly bypass defenses and mainly to pull your opponent out of position. Attempt to annoy your opponent and 'Zerg OP' by sprouting up a nydus at each base. Perhaps put a Nydus right in view of their third base, then when they move to kill it quickly (by reaction) use one to get into their main. If they try to move to deal with that, put one in their second to slow them down, and by the time they deal with their main, attempt to put one between their second and third and cut off their third base to not only do damage in the main but to hit all the other bases.

Throw in your own strategies and give it your personal flair and watch them fluster as they can't keep up and are split apart piece by piece! Annoy them with the POWER OF PROTOSS ZERG. Have fun splitting them apart!

Side note: As a Zerg player, I know that Nydus worms are fantastic if you can find an opening, but not enough Zerg players use them. Lets see some great plays!