Now that I've played a bit more...

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Now that I've played a bit more I've figured out the game's major flaw.

There isn't enough to do.

Essentially, if you want to progress, the only thing you can do is 5) Explore the Wilderness and face off against enemies to level up so that you can face the boss. There's nothing else really worth your time besides checking out the market. There definitely need to be side locations that you can ACTUALLY explore while searching the wilderness. Perhaps you arrive at a wolf den and can decide to 1) Track the wolves 2) search the rest of the cave or 3) Return home. Then, within those options different things can happen to you leading you to make chioces etc. Everything just feels very linear. The paths you are offered to take don't happen frequently enough, you're on the same trail the entire game. (up to the first boss, I got bored of playing there) 

On a side note, the market needs more detail added into the items. Dafuq is a "Shard of Precision"? I'm not spending 1k gold on something that I don' t even know the purpose or stat boost of. At the very least, the 'more detail' tab should say something like "I don't know its exact purpose, but it could prove useful in the future" to foreshadow that it may help you. Otherwise it feels plain useless.

Definitely more work needs to go into the "explore" feature because its the only thing that gives you a real sense of exploration.