One last thing

The story needs work. Period.

I got bored trying to train and beat the first boss. What's my knowledge of the story in total?

We crashed on the shore of a ship or something. I needed to talk to an elder to find out my mission. The elder told me I "needed to train if I was going to purge this evil". That's literally all I know. EVERYTHING I KNOW. First off


Its a role playing game. I need to know what the hell I'm up against and the consequences of my actions or else I don't give a shit about your story or my purpose. Second, there needs to be different people or something you can talk to. I talked to 2 people in the game. The first spouted meaningless nonsense instead of telling me lore or something like a hint of where to go, gave nothing that could help me on my quest. The second was literally a test message of yours. "test 123 test 123". Every option needs to be signicant. 

I suggest in the 2.0 combat or whatever you should be able to use potions or bandages or something, allow those to be purchased, and severely nerf the health gained from levelling up.I never once used a camp because I levelled up so quick that I just regenned health 24/7.


Again, the story man. Its a text-based RPG. You don't have pure gameplay to back you up all the way. You need to have rich lore, storytelling and freedom or else you will get nowhere.

PS. Sorry if I sound critical, I'm the biggest pessimist I know :p Don't take it personally. Just sucks cuz I know the game has potential but it gets some features wrong.