Proposal for a new type of competition.

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For a while now I've had an idea for a competition, almost a tournament of sorts. Instead of jumping up and down announcing I'm doing it, I'd rather find out how interested people are and, in general, how many people would be interested in participating. Here we go.

The most influential difference is the layout. Suited to be almost a board game, players have a map that looks and plays similar to the game RISK. (Google RISK to refresh memory.) Lets start getting organized then.


Each race or faction represents itself with 3 players. Fellow Zerg, Protoss and Terran teammates who are not participating can cheer them on, or offer advice outside of the game. Each race, after initial construction, is required to nominate a Team Leader. The Team Leader is responsible for relaying information to their team, and coordinating the battlefield.


Turns are taken sequentially, where the Team Leader of each faction is permitted to challenge TWO locations PER TURN. At initial setup, the order of turns will be generated, cycling in the format of Zerg, Terran, Protoss, Zerg, Terran, Protoss as an example. However, a player CANNOT attack or defend 3 times in a row. After attacking twice in a row, they must sit the next attack out, and if they have defended twice in a row, they cannot defend a third time until another team member has attempted an attack/defense. 


Each race starts with several locations or 'maps' under their control. Some areas on the board are neutral zones in which no faction currently controls. On each turn, the Team Leader will assign 2 members of the team to enemy locations. The enemy Team Leader of that location will assign a member of his team to defend the location. If the challenging team wins, they are granted the location and the location will turn the respective colour. If the defending team wins, or the match results in a draw, the location will be unaffected. Each map is treated as a Best of 1.


When a Team Leader instructs a member to assault a location or 'map' the game MUST be played on the labelled map. This can lead to strategic plays on avoiding or capturing maps that favor you or your opponents. Note that a few maps are in fact 2 v 2 maps for the purposes of fitting the desired location. The 2 v 2 maps are currently NOT to be played as a 2 v 2 but to be treated as if they were 1 v 1 maps.


Victory is achieved if both other races are eliminated from the universe. Defeat is attained if a team is eradicated by the opposing factions by them taking every location owned by the defeated team.


Teams arfe encouraged to work together to survive if a stronger force is pushing them both back. For instance, the Tenacious Terran and Technologically Advanced Protoss can settle on an agreement to push back the Overwhelming Swarm, or the Terran and the Zerg can form a reluctant alliance against the rampaging Protoss. 

Unfortunately, I am currently unable to post a demonstrating picture of what the layout would look like. When I arrive home with my computer, I will be able to post such.

Please reply if you are interested in this idea, in participating, or to post any things you believe should be noted. This is just a cool idea I thought would be interesting and gives players a chance to fight specifically for their race on a team. Anyway, yah! :) Please reply to contribute to the discussion! If enough players show interest I might be obliged to make this thing happen :3

Love, Probe! <3 :D