Picking a race ( and why you picked your race)

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I need help in picking a race I recently got gold Terran (first time i got put in a league) I was hoping for bronze so that i could still experiment just a bit more with the other races in a more competitive scene, but the ladder thinks other wise even though i lose tonnes of games.

I prefer defense over offense and just sitting in my base massing troops and just playing macro mostly, That's why i thought i'd go for Terrans but after a while i find the Terran units rather boring and weak and how they tend to consist of marines who get face rolled by banelings, hate those things they always kill me no matter what :( 

I tried protoss but i always gt reapers or lings in my base and i don't like playing them early game because getting units is rather slow, but they have amazing units that can just soak up the shots and have the coolest unit in the game, the not so immortal, immortal. 

I like the zerg but...well they are too weak defensively for my taste, fast but extremely weak, i do like the style off just building up a base and massing an entire army in seconds and if need be just quickly switch tech if need be. The only reason why i touched zerg was because of Scarlett and Jaedong who i both find amazing players and made me want to play zerg, but ever so sadly the only thing i ever do is get lings attack the opponents base and harass then mass hydra and get a few Roach's (turns out its not such a great idea).

I like to play passively and defensively and forgetting to scout  i do like the terrans for the fact they are good all round in game rather then zerg who tend to fall a but short late game or protoss who are rather weak at early game, I have trouble facing zerg players but terrans not so much since when its Tvt there tends to be alot of tanks which cant hit air and if there's protoss its pump bio get tanks and vikings and 10mins. but zerg never do i know how to beat them but they have amazing players. 

I hope someone can help and sorry for the wall of words, Thanks Also why did you pick your race?