A few tips for Terran, Please?

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Hey guys, I've been wanting to get back into Terran, because I love the new units they're getting. But I want to ask a few counters so I can practice, even though a couple of them will be irrelevant soon.

My biggest issue NOW is probably versus other Terrans.

I just got out of a 56 minute game that drug on FOREVER because my opponent got Vikings and Planetary Fortresses and turtled, and me being an idiot (who hasn't played Terran for about half a year), I kept making Marines and Vikings. Don't know why, in hindsight it was pretty damn stupid. Eventually I got smart and made Thors, got about 8 of them and just steamrolled the map, replacing the 1-2 I lost at each base with more reinforcements.

Had a problem dealing with a Carrier/Stalker mass as well. Tried getting Marauders and vikings but they just got shredded, which was probably at least in part to bad placement, but I still feel like there should have been a better solution. Maybe Thors would have worked here as well? Just wondering what the easiest/most viable way to do it is, especially transitioning from bio-ball; not necessarily at the last minute, but at any point.

And one more. I like to rush a lot, particularly versus non-wallers (most zerg, a lot of Protoss). The two units I typically do this with are Hellions and Reapers, but I want to know: What do I need to look at to evaluate which is better? The type of build I plan on using? The race of my enemy? Any early scouting info I have? I like Hellions, and plan on using them a lot in Heart of the Swarm especially vs Zerg, but Reapers have the advantage of being a Barracks unit and using less minerals, which I'm usually a bit lower in early game. Which should I use, and when?

Sorry, I know that's a lot.