Day9 Vent Chat

Hey guys, I had a thought - 1v1 is fun, yes, but sometimes it just gets boring. Maybe it's because of the fact that there's no chatting going on and during the points of the game (usually the first 4-5 minutes) where you generally do a lot of the same stuff over and over I tend to go in and out of focus.

Has anyone thought of (or, does this already exist, in which case I'll feel stupid) creating a vent or teamspeak channel dedicated to this sort've thing? Give each other tips if they need it, have a few laughs, and just generally give us something to do other than tap away at our keyboard like we're trying to play Through the Fire and Flames on it. I WANT to improve myself, but because I don't want to play more than 1-2 1v1 matches at a time from boredom I've been doing a lot more 2v2.