Just returning after a LONG break... where to start?

So I finally re-bought SC2 after a LONG time. Im talking not having played since shortly after it came out.

Now I used to be super hardcore during the beta. I was memorizing build orders, strats, watching replays, streams, videos, reading guides, you name it. I was totally into it. I was actually doing pretty decent during beta as well, I was at top of Gold league when Gold was the 2nd highest league, then Platinum when plat was 2nd highest. So i used to be super into the game... but that was years ago. Now, I dont know what to do. I feel like im in over my head with all the websites and resources... its overwhelming. Theres so much terminology and metagame stuff thrown into most guides i barely understand it anymore. Not to mention there being so many seeming good posts or guides that are very old, for all i know they may be out of date as I know things change quickly with patches.

So its almost like im starting from scratch. I want to be a good SC2 player and have fun in ladder matches.

Where should I start? Where can I get good builds, strategies, etc. that are understandable and accessible to newbies? How should I start practicing and going about getting into serious SC2?