[H] Help a fellow Terran friend that is extremly frustrated! :(

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Hello dear Dayknights!

I am Toadie a Swedish Terran player since birth! Currently I struggle ALOT in TvP and now I just don't mean I can't deal with THIS in specific... I just can't deal with Protoss!

I am comming here now to seek help from other fellow players! From any race! Tell me all you know! So I can improve and enjoy the game even if the loading screen says TvP.

So onto my problem! I have a couple of replays. 3 where I lose and 2 where I win. Why I'm showing atleast any replay of me winning is also to show what I can beat and see some difference in my play. Whats going my way so to speak!

I am sitting on 31% winrate in TvP 60% + in TvT and TvZ

Before you watch the replays. I am not here to be judged as a person! As I said I am frustrated in this matchup so I don't tend to GG and I might be a bit BM. have a little understanding!

The Replays I have brought to you!


This is between me and a diamond player. I went mech even tho I know it isnt the best! So that is a misstake just there and I know kinda what killed me and that is positioning. This was the last game I played before I made this post so it was just bleeeh! I think it could have worked if I wasen't out of position, then maybe my ravens whould'nt have killed them self with seekers! xD

Next game


A Platinum player. He start of with going blink with immortal all in. I abandon my natural and run up the ramp before the attack so I hold it quite nice but that sets me far behind in eco. I drop his nat and kill it. At the cost of a full medivac. A bit missclick over the thingy so he could't see me. So that was a bummer. He goes into DT. A little missread and I missed the DS with my scan just barley. And YES I bm in this game. I had a upgrade lead for a little bit. But since his DT harass did so much eco dmg and ate up alot of my scans. I could not keep it up. :/

Game nr 3


This is a lategame problem. Usually not a big problem for me. Missmicro on my vikings and I get far behind on ups. He just go this Collosi/archon ball and rolls over me. His 3/3 are done when my 2/2 are. His 3rd was faster. I was just behind in every aspect and not by a little. but BY alot!

For my 2 win games they look like this.


I open up as I kinda always do. Reaper expand. A safe opening I've taken from Innovation when he played DH bucharest VS Elfi (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odnO6pROgTU) It turned out to go the way I wanted. I attacked before he could get up any HT. His storm was done but since I had the pressure on he had to make other units. His Twillight council was a bit missplaced so I could stop the upgrade. It just went my way.

Second game


A lategame TvP. This time my first poke was stopped and I transitioned into ghost viking. He/she was able to take out my 4:e, My multitasking isn't great. Did some dropps that did some damage and distracted him and I was able to get in emp's on all his HT at a moment, at the same time he attacked my 3:rd so had to back. I did get good engagments, keept up the upgrades and my macro.

Sum this up

I feel like my TvP is so wierd. If no pressure happen. I can execute the innovation build pretty good! But with lack of scout. I often run into storm before I got my ghost. Or I miss EMP on 1-2 HT and the storms just eat my army. When I feel pressured I start to miss alot of things. My macro slips, I miss upgrades, I miss to expand, I want to work on this cause I love starcraft! it is a GREAT game! I know I can do better than this! but just to be down on 30% winrate or should I say as I read it.. 70% lossrate TvP. My motivation to play any TvP is almost to zero. 

I am a very passive player. My multitasking is not that super good


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odnO6pROgTU - The build I've copied from Innovation. Although you don't see any SCV pull from me. Haven't had any good experience with it. I just don't know what to do!

Sorry if my english is bad! My grammar sucks! 

Thanks in advance from everyone taking time to read this and put in thier time in helping a fellow Starcraft 2 player!

I am playing on EU server if anyone want to practice some games! come in and talk to me feel free! Toadie:778