[H] Help me back in shape!

Hello everyone!

So here I am. Toadie a former top tier diamond terran player. Faced of shittons of masters and even took down 2 low gms back in my glory days! (When I had no life and only played sc2)

Now here is my problem. I have been of the scene for so long. Over a year. My last 1v1 match was 71 weeks ago. Except for my placements in Lotv :) I wanna get back into it and I was hoping some of you dear fellas could help me!


Here is what I want! I have been away from the whole sc2 scene for so long. I don't know any builds or timings. If you could link me 3 replays/vods/youtube-videos anything that shows 3 builds for each matchup. In total of 9 builds. 1 push, 1 mid, 1 lategame sort of style play :) I whould be so happy! I do know how to extract a build from a replay and from tournament and stuff like that. The problem is I have not watched so much of lotv. So if anyone has done it and can share something I whould be so happy! 


And when all this has gone trough and I have gotten some builds and timings in my head again I will start streaming again! So lets put our heads togheter and help a fellow noob to get back into the game!


Love you all! and Sean "Day9" if you read this! I love your stream and I watch Mostly walking every week. Doing from start! Love it! Hope you are getting back into sc2 sometime aswell! :)