Music, Starcraft, my story, and yours.

Hello forum browsing peoples!  I apologize in advance for the long story, but I'm here to tell you a little bit about myself, music, and maybe some Starcraft 2 just for fun.  Then, feel free to do the same, I'll read all of it! :D

     So, let's get things started! I've been around music my whole life - piano, trumpet, slappin' me some bass, you get the general idea.  However, about 4 or 5 years ago I found the great big world of electronic music production.  Now, don't make fun of me because of my DAW (Yes, I do use Fruity Loops), but I find it a wonderful production tool that just keeps dat' creativity flowing!  I've only been creating and composing just for fun, however just recently I've realised I have a very large desire to advance forward with my music and upgrade.  Anyways, as of recent I am discovering the troubles of producing on a small scale, the easily achieved deadly CPU loads on my laptop, restriction of the 25 keys on my MIDI keyboard, and only a pair of headphones to work with, so I have decided to look into upgrading my workstation.  Speakers, USB interface, possibly an SM58, blah, blah, blah.  

(To my fellow musicians, I'd love to talk gear with you.  I'm always up for hardware talk.  Always.)

     I am absolutely intrigued by the immense capability of modular synthesizers.  This got me researching and I found some freeware VSTs and started to mess around, but I can only wait for the day when I can get my hands on some physical knobs.  Currently the software I find myself using alot is the DCAM Synth Squad.  It is a very versatile and enjoyable little trio of synths.  Sadly though, the past few months I've found my creativity dwindling, but I've also begun to discover and become more comfortable with my sound.  It seems like I'm finally starting to break down that wall that is blocking my musical fun times.

     Long story short, I absolutely love making music.  As for Starcraft,  I've been playing since Broodwar, but that was mostly UMS games.  Now in Starcraft 2 I'm bronze league bound, but I have a good friend who keeps on pushing me to get better and I do see some improvements, which is actually really exciting.  Maybe I'll finally get out bronze, who knows.  I must confess, I'm in love with the professional scene in Starcraft 2.  Almost always my 2nd monitor (which happens to be my laptop) has some sort of stream, be it a tournament or just someone laddering.  As for my future in Starcraft?  I hope one day to cast games with my friend when I get a proper microphone that doesn't pick up the constant click clack of my keyboard.  Really, I can't stop watching Starcraft.  It's just SO good.   

     So now, I ask you to share with us a bit of your story, hobbies, Starcraft, whatever it is! :D