New show looking for Volunteer SC2 Players

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((Show has been through many iterations, if you're new here, I implore you to read the entire post, but if you're returning, or you just want to know what the deal is RIGHT NOW, jump down to the 4th EDIT, as a lot has changed since the first post))

My name is Tyler, aka, TovarishGaming, and I'm about to start up my second web series, called TheoryCraft.  There are tons and tons of SC2 shows that talk about the game from a serious or competitive standpoint.  However, there's not much out there in the way of the absurd or comedic aspects.  There's Husky's Bronze League Heroes, Carbot Animation's StarCrafts, and Day9's Funday Mondays, but outside of that, the game isn't always seen in hugely light hearted ways.

My goal is to change that by bringing a little taste of chaos and hilarity to the game.  In this show, myself and my good friend and show-mate Alex, will be theory crafting absurd builds to see how they fair against standardized or common builds on the ladder.  What happens when a Zerg player does a basic ling/bane/muta build, and is confronted by a Viking/Hellion only force?  How does Tempest/Zealot fair against Marine Marauder?  Now you might be asking yourself if I'm crazy, and that stuff like that simply won't work.  However, the SC2 systems run deep and complex, and you never know what craziness might pull through.  It's certainly an experiment, but myself and Alex think there's definitely potential.  So what actually happens in the show?  Myself and Alex will chat up our theory in Skype video chat, and from there, we'll go into the game and join up with our lovely volunteer player.  That's where you guys come in.  Alex is a Diamond league 1v1 player, and will be executing our ridiculous builds.  He and I will be in skype the entire game, discussing what to do and hopefully offering a bit of comedic relief in the mean time.  Obviously as an observer of the game I won't tell Alex anything that would give him information about the other player.

So to get to the point, we're looking for Platinum/Diamond league players, who can execute common builds to a above average, but not necessarily pro level.  We want authenticity, but we also don't want Grand Masters just stomping poor Alex with sheer APM and macro.  

What's it to you though?  Well, if you have a stream or youtube channel, we'll DEFINITELY promote it.  It'll give you exposure (if that's what you'd like), and hey, it's always fun to play a crazy game of SC2 right?  

So essentially we'll ask you to play a certain race and execute a certain build as accurately as your ability will allow, and we'll see what happens!The first episode is airing Monday, time TBD.  If you're interested in participating in the first episode, or any thereafter, please contact me here in this thread, or on twitter @TovarishGaming.  Email works too, tovarishgaming@gmail.comThings to let me know are your ladder rank, your preferred race, and if you're really familiar with a certain build, you can let us know that too if you prefer.  Thanks for listening, and we hope to have you on TheoryCraft soon!


Hello again everyone!  I am STILL getting emails from people seeing this post, which is insane and amazing all at once.  I just wanted to pop in and talk about where the show has gone over the past week or so.  I managed to lose my co-host due to his family matters often interfering with our recording times, and the show went through a series of small directional changes.  What we have now, is myself running the show, and 2 volunteer players using 2 absurd builds against one another.  Once the game is over, we'll usually follow it up with post-game chat/commentary with the players, to talk about the game and share a laugh.  We do officially have episode 1 live now.  Unfortunately, our players this time were unable to chat afterwards due to time differences, but one of the volunteers did make a lovely video response to compensate.  Anyway, if you'd like to see what the first episode was like, and want to be filled in by me (at the end of the episode) on where the show is going and how it will develop, then stop on by at and check us out!

If you have thoughts, questions, concerns, feedback, or just want to say hi, please do so in the YouTube comments.  The support level and quantity in which I've had volunteers come to me has surpassed amazing.  Everyone who has contacted me has been an exceptional volunteer, and we actually have our own little group chat that evolved from an info dump to an ongoing conversation about games and other fun stuff, and this is all just an incredible experience so far.  So if you'd like to join in, feel free to email me!

EDIT::: Episode 2 is live, and Episode 3 is rendering for upload! The show is really progressing and has a lot of potential.  I want to thank everyone for their support.  You can find all episodes and future shows at  If you enjoy the show, please like, comment, share, tweet, subscribe, etc.  The bigger this gets, the more of you loving volunteers can join in on the fun.  Thanks again!

EDIT::: Episode 3 is live and we've got a TON.....TOOOOONNNNNN of stuff up our sleeves for the future.  Speaking of the future, if you want to participate in the show, we've got a new avenue of contact.  The group chat is wonderful, and will still be a major part of communications, but trying to keep track of everyone's email's, skype names, real names, who plays what, where they are....there's too many to keep track of all willy nilly anymore.  I've started up a forum website for the TovarishGaming brand, and a big chunk of it is for TheoryCraft.  If you'd like to sign up for the show, or just stop in and see what's going on in our world, head over to !

I will no longer be accepting emails directly, but rather re-directing emails to the forum site, where we'll have you make an account to participate.  (Disclaimer! : The only forum you don't need to be a member for, is the TheoryCraft sign-up forums.  This should allow you to ask to participate with no strings attached.  However, if you come on the show, I'll ask that you join us! :D )

Thanks again for the wild support.  I never thought I'd have to manage so much stuff! This is great, and I hope more of you join us soon!

EDIT::: A few more changes.  Someone pointed out to me, that when I lost my co-host section of the show, I abandoned the idea of doing 1 crazy build against 1 standard build.  I'm not sure when or where or why this disconnect happened in my brain, but for episode 4 and on, we are returning to that style.  Also, if you want to participate, I'm going to be working off of replays for a lot of the shows now, rather than live, so I can get better games to cast.  If you want to appear on the show, head on over to this link and choose, or create a new build idea, and try it in a bunch of games on 1v1 (Unranked, unless you're feeling extra badass), and send me the replays of any games you think were worth seeing, or had a cool twist!  Thanks again!