E-Sports Marathon for Charity?

So i signed up for a relay for life event, and will be running for a few hours. and i also saw Laura Poole's post about a charity for cancer research (Link: http://day9.tv/d/mirrageofhope/mirrageofhopes-race-for-life/) And i thought what if we did an esports marathon for charity? we could have a simple 5-10 dollar signup fee, and we try to get as many people to just hang out, talk, and play video games to raise money? This may already be a thing, and i really have no idea how to set one up. But i think that the DayKnight community would be perfect for this kind of thing. Whether we have one set up somewhere in the real world or just have a chat room where we all just get together, talk, find people for matches etc... IDK just a thought. If anyone knows if this is already a thing please let me know! just seems like a great way to meet some great people, have fun, and raise money for a cause all at the same time!