Where Do I Go From Here...

I'll try to keep this as brief as possible so I don't make a wall of text. I'm top eight silver league (woohoo King of Tin) and got here by practising a Marine, Medivac two base ten minute timing. It works 90% of the time on people on my league and tbh I could probably carry myself to at least Gold using this one build.

But I don't want to. I want to improve as a player as opposed to get one build perfect and not be able to do anything else. I learned the build off an old coach I had, but I gave up pretty early on. I recently picked up the game again but am no longer in contact with the coach, understandably, and need know what I should do in order to progress as a player rather than just a Marine Medivac whore.


I would've posted this on the TL forums but for some reason they're done for me atm so I thought I may as well post them on here while I'm waiting for the Daily to start. :)

TL;DR - I got to Silver league using one build, but that build is all I know and I no longer talk to my old coach. What should I do? D: