Re: Rand

I'd be careful ascribing your own values and ideas to someone you don't know. Personally, I'm a social democrat, and I could argue that Day9 shows elements of that too - after all, he provides his content for free and does a lot for the community, only asking for voluntary donations, which goes well together with the basic tenets of socialism, from each according to ability, to each according to need. Wouldn't the rejection of altruism implicit in Objectivism go against that? His individualism would also go well with existentialist thought or even the philosophy of Nietzsche.

Now I'm not saying that Day9 is a socialist or existentialist, I'm just showing how easy it is to project your own values upon a public figure :) Day9 never talks about politics or in depth about philosophy, so we don't know.

Also, I'm curious what people you know that haven't heard of Rand. I and most people I hung out with knew about her in my early teens and I'm Swedish.