Extra Life Stream

    "If it weren't for good hospitals, I wouldn't be here today. Anyone who's met my mother has heard the "two pounds, three ounces" story of my premature birth. According to the technology of the day, I'm not supposed to be here. Thank goodness my parents were military - otherwise, who knows if they could have afforded my care. That's the point here, though - not everyone has that luxury."
- Jimmy D
Dear Fellow DayKnights,
    I am posting today, to this marvelous community, to let you all know that on Saturday, October 26th, beginning at 12:00 AM and ending October 27th at 1 AM, I will be co-streaming with Jimmy D from ThatRuled for the Extra Life charity video game stream. We are doing our stream a week early, as this is the time that fits in our schedule.
    I understand that many people will be participating in the Extra Life stream, but we want to be able to contribute to a great cause as well, with a goal of $500 in the 25 hours.
    The two of us will be having both a retro kick back and a modern feel as we are streaming games from the following systems:
    So join us, talk to us, keep us awake, help us pick what games we play, participate with us for some good fun, gaming, and a good cause over at Twitch.ThatRuled.Com on October 26th!
    Thank You,
    Zach Beardsley