Hawt(!) Picture of mr. Plott at Iron Squid

  (Edited: )

Would you look at that! Day[9] at Iron Squid!

Seeing that huge amount of people cheering for him really warms my heart.
It really shows you how far he's come with what he's been trying to achieve,
and it's by embracing what he loves, and being himself.

I don't know about you, but It actually touches me emotionally -- it inspires me, seeing how he's grown from daily #1 to be one of the greatest SC2 casters in the world, and also seeing how e-sports has grown with it. 

Iron Squid I think was huge.

So I wanted to share with you this still from the video feed. (slightly enhanced and sharpened)
Oh man is everything right in this picture!  He's even got an orchestra sitting in the background. Super badass!

If you're watching this day[9], I suggest you use this picture for what it's worth! Think about how many Felicities you will draw in to the e-sports community for us!!

And a slightly smaller version, sharpened:  

Come on! If that's not a perfect facebook/twitter profile picture, I don't know what is.