Teslagrad --Magnetism and electricity

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Teslagrad Launch Trailer (youtube)

If you love indie platform games like Limbo or Braid, you might wanna try out Teslagrad.
After playing it for 15 hours (took about 6h to complete), I must say I am incredibly impressed by this game.
It's so epic and beautiful. Everything is hand drawn, and playing it feels amazing.

The atmosphere drew me in already from the menu screen, and after that, I found myself lost in a mystical world that was both very fun and challenging. I had to learn how to think in magnets and polarity!

"The game revolves around the use of electricity and magnetism, and your ingenuity will be put to the test as you employ the amazing technology of the Teslamancers to traverse the abandoned Tesla Tower. The game is completely devoid of both text and dialogue, and prefers to tell the story purely through visual means."  

You can download the demo right here
or find the full game on Steam :)

Here are some screen shots for you guyz:


GamingTrend - 95 / 100 
RizeUpGaming - 10/10
Players reviews at IndieDB - 9.8 / 10
Metacritic (metascore) - 82 / 100 
Destructoid - 8 / 10

The game is currently out for PC, Mac and Linux, but it will also be available for consoles early next year!

What do you think guys? have you tried it out yet? :)