Dayknight's EVE corp

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Just writing this to see if there is any interest in forming a Dayknight's Corp in Eve. Or, failing that as it is a fairly rare game to see people play, someone to fly around and blap rats / people with. 

I currently am based out of Dodixie on two characters. One of them in Industry based and the other combat. My combat toon has a fitted out Sentry HAC and has been running L4s. Currently working on fitting out a Machariel to try and get into incursions. Would like to try getting a small group together to run lowsec anoms.

Also, if you are a new player I have a fairly decent handle on things and would love to show you some of the ropes.

Main character name is Emilia Vonkampf

Alt character name is Gerrick Vonkampf

Hope to see some of you out there. Fly Safe.