Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway #2

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Check Out Giveaway #4-6 here: http://day9.tv/d/WHiT3R4bBiT/hearthstone-beta-key-giveaway-4-6_1/


We’re giving away several beta keys for Hearthstone throughout the next week. Keep an eye on these forums and/or the Day[9]TV Twitter so you catch all of the giveaways!

Today we’re giving away 3 keys during Day[9]’s Day Off. Hearthstone’s hundreds of cards have interesting abilities and art, but so far no flavor text. To be considered for a key, just respond to this thread with your best shot at a one or two sentence flavor text for the card below. Keep it PG-Rated and light-hearted, please!

Once we pick the winner, we’ll show it in this post and open a new thread with the next card.


Card #2 of 3


You provide the puppet; I'll provide the strings. - ValetGamer

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