Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway #4-6

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Contest over, check out the amazing winners!


Week 1 Winners

Week 2 Winners


We’re giving away several beta keys for Hearthstone throughout the next week. Keep an eye on these forums and/or the Day[9]TV Twitter so you catch all of the giveaways!


  1. Submit your best illustration in mspaint (or equivalently bad software) showing why you want a Hearthstone key
  2. Keep it PG-Rated plz
  3. Only 1 Submission per person
  4. Contest ends Friday, Sept 6th
  5. Whatever idea you have for a picture is a good one.  Perfect it, then post it! :D

We'll choose our 3 favorites based upon Sean's ever changing and unpredictable feelings.  We'll send the key to your Day9.tv registered e-mail address!

P.S. To embed an image on your post, host it on imgur and then press the image icon in the formatting bar. Make sure the url is the i.imgur.com (what you get when you click the picture on imgur)