Heroes of the Storm beta key contest 2 - Day[9]'s Level Up Challenge

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In celebration of Heroes of the Storm entering closed beta, Blizzard has given us keys to get you into the game. Today's contest is the Day[9]'s Level Up Challenge and will give out 100 NA keys and 100 EU keys.

  • One entry per person. If multiple entries are submitted, only the first will be counted. This may be monitored via day9.tv accounts, registered email addresses.

  • In the title of your post, Guess the Team Experience earned by Sean's team in the final on-stream game of the day on Friday January 30th. This number will be shown in the score screen at the end of the game next to the words "Team Experience".

  • In the body of your post, include your region (not both!). These keys are region specific and will NOT work cross region.

    • Post NA for: Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, South America, and North America
    • Post EU for: Europe

  • Ensure that your account is registered with a valid email, as that's how we'll deliver keys to the winners.

  • Submissions close at 4pm pacific on Friday January 30th, or when Sean enters the character selection screen for his final game of the day, whichever comes first - even if this thread is not yet locked.

  • Winners will be notified as soon as possible after the stream ends for the day, which may take several days.

Necessary Legal and Other Details

  • By attempting to enter this contest, you verify that you understand, agree to, and accept the rules set forth in this post.

  • How to enter:

    • You must be a registered user of this website.
    • Respond to this post with your entry.
    • Post must contain a single guess and region to be eligible.

  • Void where prohibited.

  • Ties will be broken randomly among contestants with the same absolute value of in actual team experience minus guess of team experience, at the value where we run out of keys.

  • If the final game does not complete for any reason (e.g. crashes, power outages, cats), the team experience of the previous game will be used.

  • EU and NA submissions will be treated separate contests, with a separate pool of region specific keys. This may result in different winning submission values for each region.

  • Heroes of the Storm keys will be limited to one per person. Winning a key in another contest will invalidate your entries in other contests.

  • We reserve the right to ban users and/or invalidate entries for cheating, at our sole discretion. Edits made to posts after the submission deadline will invalidate that entry.

  • Our website isn't perfect. It may be knocked offline, prevent posting or registration, or may otherwise inhibit your ability to participate with no remedy to you.

  • Winners are responsible for paying any applicable taxes for prizes.

  • Our decisions are final and binding.