Popup Dungeon - DayKnight Brainstorming

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What is it?

Popup Dungeon is a roguelike digital-papercraft board game with tactical, turn-based RPG gameplay that lets you create any weapon, ability, enemy, or hero you can imagine. Fellow DayKnight Enrique Dryere is one of the creators and has created a playable DayKnight character.

How you can help!

First, it needs your support to get off the ground, you can support the Kickstarter here

Next, we need your help brainstorming the weapons and abilities a DayKnight should have! Post below with ideas, here are a few from the developer:

"We've already thought of a few fun possibilities for some of DayKnight's abilities, like Story Time, which would act as a crowd control ability; The Daily, which would be an AoE Power buff; Holoray, a strong direct damage beam that's weak against chrome plate; and Chipotle, which would act as a self heal. But we would love to hear some suggestions from fellow fans!

And if we don't make him to your liking, crafting your own abilities is easy. So everyone gets to play their ideal DayKnight! ;)"