Why do you subscribe?

As the title says why do you subscribe, that is something that I have always wondered when it came to subscribing to Day[9]. 

The reason I sub is not just because it is a great show. I sub because of all the amazing things that Day[9] does for the eSports community and for the StarCraft community. Starting the AHGL bringing big companies into StarCraft playing for a charity of their choice. I also sub not only because of that but because of how engaging he is towards all of his fans. I have been lucky enough to see him live at a couple events down here in Florida and the best part is that they weren't even that big of events. One being the Red Bull LAN and the other being CSL at the University of Central Florida. Both of which did not have that many people attending but he still hanged around after the matches to sign peoples things and connect with all of this fans. So the main reason I sub is to help keep all of this going and because the Daily is awesome.

Now why is it that you subscribe?