Priest Eerie Statue Deck

Hi Day9,

If you feel like goofing around and want to utilize the Eerie statue like you said a lot of people would probably play with, give this deck a try.

2 Silence
2 Inner Fire
2 Power Word Glory
2 Power Wiord Shield
2 Northshire Cleric
2 Divine Spirit
2 Resurrect
2 Valen's Chosen
2 Dark Cultist
2 Eerie Statue
2 Kezan Mystic
2 Holy Nova
2 Djinni of Zephyrs
2 Entomb
1 Emperor Thaurissan
1 Confessor Paletress

The idea of the deck is to get people to waste their cards to try and get rid of the northshire clerics at and dark cultists at the start. Wait for the combo of having a eerie statue and a silence in your hand. Throw out the statue and and pass the turn. If they don't do anything to it, you can cast the silence spell for free the next turn. Things also get fun if you can get a Djinni out when casting spells on other creatures (just watch out with using the entomb and silence spells, since they will also affect the Djinni).

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone!