Any Starcraft II players in Switzerland?

Hey all, I am planning on organizing a small SCII tournament in Switzerland for players who can't really go to 'real' tournaments, to give all players a chance, especially lower level players (Gold and below, however all quality players can join). If you play starcraft and live in or close to switzerland PM or comment or something to let me know you exist :P 
This would a friendly semi-competitive tournament, divided in 2 by league rating (maybe B/S in 1, and G and above in the other, but depends on no. of people) and then doing a single bracket elimination style. 

With of course a small prize for the winners of each bracket! (prizes TBD) 

This would also give you a chance to play competitively when you normally wouldn't, and maybe talk to your opponent to see what they were planning. As with most things on Day9, this would be friendly, and even if you do not live Switzerland, you are welcome to participate, we have a few online matches or something. Details to be finalized when I have approximate numbers of competitors.

Thanks for your attention :)