Hi everyone,

I've been watching Day9 for what feels like forever now, even though I've only been actually playing Starcraft 2 online for the 10 months or so (just the single player before that - got WoL near release). Anyway, everything Sean does is for fun, but I've reached that stage now where the game isn't fun. Its just stressful. It's like I'm addicted to the 1v1 ladder, and I'm only hovering between high Silver/ low Gold. And trust me, people have said to me "Oh just take a break" or "Well change races and have some fun with them" but if I stop, I'll become worse. If I change, I'll become worse with both races. Winning just feels like relief nowadays. Anyway, I've come across the term 'ladder anxiety' a lot, but I think this is worse. Is there any way to get rid of this without having to change/leave? Because I can't give up the 1v1 ladder, I just have to keep getting better or there's no point.