Four Words: Offensive Nexus Cannon Win! My Funday Monday Submission..

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I was thinking the other day of fun funday Monday topics, and of course an offensive nexus cannon crossed my mind, I lol'ed a bit and then sort of wrote it off as something not even feasible for funday Monday.

Then there was this game that I played where it just...happened.  The tldr is i 3gate blink stalker with mothership core, opponent 4gates, we attack at the same time.  I decide to base trade since I had >400 minerals and a probe nearby.  Then I realize that I have my mothership core with me I used for blink vision... So I build a nexus in the path at his natural he would have to retreat to to defend (since I wouldn't be eliminated due to my nexus) with the intention of turning it into a cannon with the Core if he came back.  Well he realized what was up and that he was forced to come back or he would lose. 

Nexus finishes right as he comes up the ramp, turn it into a cannon and with some slick blink micro manage to win with only 9 food remaining to his 0.  Of my 9 food were 4 stalkers (2 of which were barely alive) and a probe that was away from the fight.

I submitted this for funday Monday to the Monday email but this was just too epic to not share given the chances are good it wont make it on the show, but by god would it be a good one for the show!

Here is the link to the replay,

Best of the beta?  Pretty darn close :D