Max GVG Durdleage

Hey there guys, anybody else superexcited for some max gvg durdlage:)

My favorite streams are when sean tries out some super ridicuoulous deck ideas (see glacierpaw and all in antonidas) and tries to make them viable. So here are some crazy ideas centered around some specific combos I would like to see someone try to flesh out:


1 Anti magic deck:

The Trogg Family-

     Troggzor the Earthinator

     Burly Rockjaw Trogg

     Stonesplitter Trogg

Mage Version-



     Wee Spellstopper

Rogue Version-

     Trade Prince Gallywix


2 Mass Token

Druid Version-

      Dark Whispers


      Sea Giant

Warlock Version


      Fire Imp

      Blood Imp

      Sea Giant

 The mass token will probably never be viable, but it would be hilarious if someone tried:)